Australian Army Band Corps Association Award

CRITERIA:  The Australian Army Band Corps Association Award is awarded annually to a member of the AABC nominated by the Commanding Officer, Australian Army Band and Head of Corps AABC whose achievements have significantly contributed to the operational effectiveness of the AABC, the morale and esprit-de-corps of its members and enhanced the status of the AABC within the Army and the wider community.


Musician Stephen Brock Taylor

In recognition of your outstanding contributions to the Australian Army Band Corps.

Since enlisting into the Army Reserve and joining Australian Army Band Adelaide (AAB-A) as a guitarist, you have rapidly become an integral member of the Band and have further enhanced the capability through your contribution as an arranger and vocalist.

In successive years you have made a significant contribution to the Unit’s successful support to the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme at Yalata, SA in 2018 and short notice support to Jigalong, WA in 2019. Your enthusiasm, musicianship, arranging skills and ability to engage with audiences were a critical component of the Unit’s success on each occasion. You have made a similar contribution to AAB-A’s community outreach tours in 2019 (Mid North and Eyre Peninsula) which were key Unit priorities. More recently your support, again at short notice, to the Band of the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery’s Exercise BANDIT in Far North Queensland was outstanding; your keen sense of humour, work ethic and guitar skills were invaluable, as was your hidden talent as a vehicle mechanic.

You regularly provide reliable and professional support to other Bands in addition to your service in AAB-A. You are an exemplar for Army’s values and frequently adjust your full-time employment and personal commitments with an attitude of ‘that’s what I signed up for’. In addition to your skillset, your attitude itself is a force multiplier and inspires all who serve with you.

In a relatively short period of service you have become the epitome of a soldier/musician; musicianship, teamwork, flexibility all underpinned by an attitude of ‘service before self’. Your performance across all aspects of your role has significantly contributed to the operational effectiveness of AAB-A, the morale and esprit-de-corps of all you serve with and enhanced the status of the Australian Army Band Corps within Army and the wider community.

Gordon Lambie, OAM, CSM
AABC Association      

26 October 2019

AABC Association Award Recipients 

  • 1993 MUSN Lyndon Jackson - RMC Band

  • 1994 MUSN Paul Young - 1 RTB Band

  • 1995 LCPL Chris Luke - 1 RTB Band

  • 1996 CPL David Cassidy - RMC Band

  • 1997 CPL Richard Box - 1 RTB Band

  • 1998 CPL Adam Moore - AAB Kapooka

  • 1999 CPL Dean Griffiths - RMC Band

  • 2000 MUSN Danny Beaton - AAB Kapooka

  • 2001 SSGT Stuart Colhoun - AAB Sydney

  • 2002 CPL Ray Hingston - AAB Melbourne

  • 2003 SGT Rod Mason - AAB Sydney- Citation

  • 2004 SGT Andrew Heron - RMC Band - Citation

  • 2005 WO2 Rohan Stubbings - AAB Tasmania - Citation

  • 2006 SGT Russell Paynter - AAB Kapooka - Citation 

  • 2007 MUSN James Duquemin - AAB Brisbane - Citation

  • 2008 CPL Andrew Barnet - AAB Brisbane - Citation

  • 2009 SGT Michael Lee - 1 RAR Band - Citation

  • 2010 CPL Greg Peterson - AAB Sydney - Citation

  • 2011 LCPL Justin Kennedy - AAB Kapooka - Citation

  • 2012 SGT Kirsty Janelle Bird - RMC Band - Citation

  • 2013 MUSN Robin Kidney - AAB Darwin - Citation

  • 2014 CPL David Portakiewicz - 10/27 RSAR Band - Citation

  • 2015 CPL David Shuttleworth - AAB Kapooka - Citation

  • 2016 SGT John Mackenzie - AAB-Perth - Citation

  • 2017 LCPL Nerrida Jade McCorkell - RMC Band - Citation

  • 2018 MUSN Alex David O'Neill - AAB Sydney - Citation

  • 2019  MUSN Stephen Brock Taylor - AAB Adelaide - Citation

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