The Australian Army Band Corps Association





The Australian Army Band Corps (AABC) Association originated from an idea expressed by Mr Bruce Pinney at a function held at the official opening of the J.J. Shelton Band Centre at Kapooka Military Training Centre, NSW in March 1987.  This idea was realised by Mr Robert Butcher and a group of retired former band members in Melbourne.  This group organised a meeting held on 10 June 1989 when the AABC Association was formally established.

Noting the large representation of former musicians and the obvious enjoyment they gained from reunion, he felt that an association which could foster the bonds between former Army bands personnel would be a worthy goal.

Since then the Association has held reunions throughout Australia each year and is slowly becoming known to former musicians, many who have not been in touch with their former colleagues for many years.  There has also been a surge of interest from current serving musicians, including our Reserve Members, of which many have joined and many have shown interest in joining.

The aims of the Association have evolved over the years and are now as follows:

  • To encourage communication between all former members of Army bands by means of personal contact, reunions and periodic newsletters.
  • To foster the development and enhancement of contact between former and current serving members of the Australian Army Band Corps.
  • To support and where appropriate contribute to, the achievement of the goals of the AABC.
  • To contribute to the collection, research and publication of the history of Army bands and personnel.
  • To contribute to the maintenance and support of the traditions of the AABC and Army bands generally.
  • To offer advice on welfare matters affecting fellow members and their dependants.
  • To foster links with similar associations of Australian and international military music organisations.

The AABC Association was incorporated in Victoria on 5 October 2004.