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Campbell-Stewart, Robert

29 April 2015

RMC Band One of the establishing members of RMC Band in 1954
Was the Band Sergeant
Regularly played the 'Last Post' at the AWM Robert
The first soloist who performed with the Canberra Syphony Orchestra in 1955, playing Hayden's Trumpet Concerto.

Carr, Warren

5 March 2017

Cartwright, Donald (Don) 28 December 2017 Played oboe
Case, Laurie James (CSM) 19 September 2012 4RAR Band (Vietnam)
Army School of Music
Defence Force School of Music
Charlton, Tony AM 17 December 2012 A valued supporter of Army bands
Organized a number of tours featuring Army bands
Clark, Rowland 20 June 2015 Son of  Association member Stewart Clark 
Cotterill, Bruce 21 October 2009

Cowan, John Everett

Not known

RAA Band - Singleton (1967)
AAB Singapore (1969-71)

Played trombone

Cross, Peter 14 June 2008 Northern Command Band