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Hale, Claude  MBE 

March 2012

Central Command Band

Halpin, Brian (Tex) 

8 June 2009

Harbach, Roy


1RAR Band (Vietnam)

Served on bands first tour
Was medic for 5Pl BCoy

Harper, Colin

18 January 2004

5MD Band (MD)
1MD Band (MD)

Harper, Ena

12 November 2016

Wife of Jim Harper

Harper,  James 'Jim' Robert BEM

10 November 2019

AAS Apprentice Musician
Southern Command Band (1955)
1RAR Band (Vietnam 1965 - 1966)
Armoured Corps Band (1966 - 1967)
AAB Singapore (1968 - 1969-Band SGT)
North Queensland Army Band (1972)
Band Store (Broadmeadows - 1974)
3MD Band
RAA Band (Melbourne - 1980)

Enlisted 2 August 1953
Served in Malaya/Borneo 1959 - 1961
Member of Victoria Police Band (1980)
Played cornet/trumpet

Harrison, Phil 20 November 2016 AAB Darwin Played drums
Harrison, Terrance Grahame   23 November 2018 3RAR Band
6RAR Band (Vietnam)
Townsville Area/NQAB
1 RTB Band (Band SGT)
Northern Command Band
Enlisted July 1959 14.5 Class AAS
Won Allan's Medal for music theory (1961)

Hartingdon, Jim

31 August 2008

Harvey, Rose

6 January 2004

Widow of Pte Harry Harvey

Heapy, Neil

17 March 2011

NSW Lancer Band
Holsworthy Area Band
RAE Band (Liverpool)
Eastern Command Band

Henderson, Alexander, LTCOL

19 June 2012

Hickey, John


RAAF Central Band (BSM)

Hills, Dennis John LTCOL 


Enlisted as National Serviceman (1966)
First AABCA Chaplain (1999)

Hilson, Jenny 24 July 2011 DFSM (Trainee)
AAB Sydney
AAB Perth
Played French horn
Hocking, Doug 25 August 2016 Southern Command Band
4RAR Band (Borneo/Malaysia 1965-66)
Army School of Music (Instructor 1967)
RAAC Band (WO1 Bandmaster Jan 1969 – Dec 1970)
AAB Singapore (MD 1972-1973)
Army School of Music (Bandmaster Jan 1974 – Dec 1975)
Army School of Music (Senior Instructor (CAPT) Jan 1976 - Dec 1977
1MD Band (MD Jan 1978 - Jan 1981)
Played cornet
Holcroft, Ken 4 March 2014 Southern Command Band
RAE Band (Kapooka)
4RAR Band (Malaysia/Borneo)
Enlisted as Trooper in Armoured Corps
Transferred to Southern Command Band as a drummer
Holland, Stan 26 March 2018

Hooper, Steve  ('Hoops') Warrant Officer Class One 

7 April 2019

4MD Band (1981)
1RAR Band
3MD Band
DFSM (Instructor)
RMC Band (BSM)
AAB Brisbane (BSM)
RAA Band (Brisbane) (Bandmaster)

Played drums / percussion
Transferred to the Army Reserve in 2014

Hore, Sylvia

12 January 2010

Wife of Bob Hore

Hussell, Ken (Pancho)

17 April 2015

AAS Apprentice Musician
Southern Command Band
OCS Portsea

Played cornet
Attended OCS Portsea - commissioned as an Ordanance Corps officer
Two tours of Vietnam-injured on second tour
Promoted Major
On discharge worked at Australian War Memorial in Canberra
Moved to Cowra