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Jackson, Pauline Mary

15 April 2017

Wife of Peter Jackson

James, Jimmy MBE


Jarrett, Don OAM

15 July 2019

Army School of Music (Instructor)
3RAR Band (Bandmaster)
7RAR Band (Bandmaster)
RAAC Band (Bandmaster)
Army School of Music (OC)
3MD Band (MD)

Played cornet/trumpet
Upon discharge became MD for Victoria Police Band

Jenkin, Harry OAM

18 August 2014

4RAR Band (Vietnam): Sep 68 - May 69 (WO2)
Townsville Area Band: Apr 68 - Sep 68 (WO2)
RA Infantry Corps Band: May 69 - Jul 73 (WO2) (Townsville)
RA Signals Band: Aug 73 - Jan 74 (LT) (Kapooka)
NQAB: Jan 74 - Jan 77 (LT)
1MD Band: Jan 77 - Jan 78 (CAPT)
4MD Band: Jan 78 - Jan 80 (CAPT)

Jenkin, Laurel

September 2015

Widow of Harry Jenkin

Johns, Ian

24 December 2019

2RAR Band
1RTB Band (Kapooka)
Townsville Area Band

Corrective Services Band Sydney (Drum major)

Johnson, Warren William

27 July 2012

Northern Command Band

Jones, Caradoc WO2

March 2012

AAS (Apprentice Musician)
RMC Band
1RTB Band
DFSM (Instructor)
1RAR Band

Played piccolo/flute

Jones, Harold

12 October 2004

Jones, Maxwell

16 September 2016

Western Command Band

Played cornet