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Schneider, Lincoln 

10 August 2006

RMC Band

Played saxophone

Scragg, Clive

16 June 2019

AAS (Apprentice Musician)
1RAR Band (Vietnam)
14 Class AAS Joined 1959
Selby, Edna July 2014 Widow of Ted Selby

Sheehan, Bill

14 May 2011

Shelton, Jeffrey James “JJ” Brigadier DSO MC 13 May 2018 First Honorary Colonel of the AABC
Held position for 14 years
Played clarinet / saxophone

Sheridan, Jim

25 May 2006

Silk, Erna 18 October 2014 Widow of Jack Silk
Simmons, Kevin Wayne OAM 24 July 2015 AAS (Apprentice Musician)
RAE Band (Kapooka)
2RAR Band (Vietnam)
AAB-Singapore (1971-73)
Holsworthy Area Band
RAE Band (Casula)
RMC Band
18 Class AAS Joined 1963
Simpson, Roy (Simmo) 26 July 2016 AAS (Apprentice Musician)
4MD Band
AAB Melbourne
AAB Adelaide
30A Class AAS Joined 1975
Played Tuba

Sims, Bob

5 June 2009

Smith, Les

16 August 2007

Spencer, Barry


Spencer, Florence 

June 2010

Wife of Barry Spencer

Stonehouse, Lyn

19 October 2018

Wife of Peter Stonehouse

Stryker, Jim

23 December 2006