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Sick Parade - Kevin Klein (Update)

(1 Sep 2015)

Judy Klein has advised the association that Kevin remains in hospital and is very  ill and yesterday stopped breathing twice.  His Doctor says Kevin may not not see the through to the weekend.  

As we all know Kevin is a fighter and hopefully he will pull through this setback.  Our thoughts and prayers ago out to Kevin at this difficult time. 

Sick Parade - Kevin Klein (Update)

(28 Aug 2015)

Wendy Klein, daughter of Kevin Klein reports that her dad had a particularly bad turn today and is again back in hospital.  When the ambos start asking if there is an advanced health directive they should see, you know things aren't good.  She says her sister Vicki was at the home alone with him when it happened and she handled it all like a pro!  By the time I got there she'd not only called me and the ambulance, had changed Dad's oxygen over to the cylinder at 15 litres per minute, had opened all the doors for the ambos to come straight in and had Dad as comfortable as she could. I'm not sure I'd have been that organised but she did a great job.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin at this difficult time. 

Sick Parade Update - Kevin Klein
(6 Sep 2014)

Whilst visiting Bundaberg recently I called in on Kevin Klein at his home.  He looked fine and and advised that he was feeling as well as to be expected.  He said he had visted his Doctor just a few weeks ago and had undergone further breathing tests, which revealed the results were not good.  He says he can still drive, but has problems after walking short distances and he suffers shortness of breath.  Kevin says he needs to visit his Doctor each month and says eventually he may be admitted to hospital for further treatment.  His wife Judy is coping, but says Kevin is positive and hopefully ongoing treatment will help him cope with his prognosis.  If you wish to contact Kevin phone: 07 4152 8807.  I'm sure he would like to hear from you.  More updates as they come to hand.

Kevin is a much respected member of the association and our thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin and Judy at this time. 


Sick Parade - Ena Harper
(21 Jul 2014)

Jim Harper reports that since his wife Ena again underwent surgery recently as a result of problems identified from a previous operation she had in April 2013.  Jim has advised that Ena has had to spent a long time in hospital in hospital trying to get her strength back so she can begin her rehabilitation. He says Ena is still weak, has lost lots of weight and is very depressed. He says the Doctor has advised that because she has been laid up for some time now she will virtually need to learn to walk again.  Ena is now home undergoing her rehabilitation and trying to regain her weight.  Both have been through a lot in the past year with Ena in hospital and Jim having broken his knee cap on Anzac Day and who is finding it difficult to get around, so if you wish to contact Jim to cheer him up and provide some comfort I'm sure he would appreciate the call. His number is: 0408 039 776

The association send their best wishes to Ena and hope she regains her strength and can start her rehabilitation for a full recovery.

Sick Parade - Barry & Kay Rogers
(9 Feb 2015)

Shirley Turner has advised the association that she recently received an email from Barry Rogers advising that his wife was ill and was back in hospital with heart problems.  Barry advised he is about to go on dialysis as his kidney function has reduced to 8%.  If anybody wants to contact Barry or Kay, I'm sure they would appreciate the call. Phone: (07) 5445-2874. The association wish both of them all the best and hope they have a quick recovery.

Sick Parade - Ken Hussell
(16 May 2014)

Ken has advised the association that he has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  He says the cancer is most aggressive and all bone structures have been attacked. Ken says all hope rests with the specialist in Orange, NSW. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ken for a full recovery

Sick Parade - Sel King
 (3 Jun 2014)

Sel King reports he's laid up with serious back pain.  He says the pain lasts up to 24 hours each day and that the prescribed drugs he's been taking for around two months dont seem to bring much relief and says his mental state is starting to wear thin.  Sel says his recent posts on Facebook have boosted his spirits and says he would always welcome and appreciate a call from his friends.  His mobile number is: 0407 731 205.

The association wish Sel a speedy and pain free recovery in time for the Reunion Cruise in November.

Sick Parade - Doug Hocking 
(21 Jan 14)

Kevin and Judy Klein travelled to Brisbane recently with Dawn Wahlin and stopped in to see Doug and Alison Hocking. Judy reports that Doug is on dialysis now and is not well and has lost a lot of weight.  In addition Alison has had stents put in her heart.  The Association wishes both Doug and Alison all the very best and a speedy recovery.

Sick Parade - John Hughes|
(13 Jan 2014)

Update: John Hughes reports that he's in excellent spirits, feeling great and not a complaint in the world, irrespective of missing a limb after an operation last year. John says that he and his wife Barara recently moved into more appropriate accommodation to suit his needs and enables him to negotiate his chair in more spacious surroundings and he says more importantly be able to have a normal shower, rather than being hosed down in the carport. If you wish to contact John he can be reached on: 02 4625 9787.

Sick Parade - Kevin Klein 
(6 Nov 2013)

Update: Kevin reports that although he's not in the best of health at present he remains extremely positive considering there is no known cure for this illness of emphysema and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).  He says he has difficulty breathing, but he's getting out and about when he can, which is not that often now.  His wife Judy is under a great deal of strain at present with all of Kevin's problems, but she's battling on. Kevin says he appreciates all the calls and messages from his friends and those members who either served with him or who know him by his reputation as a fine leader and musician. If you wish to contact Kevin give him a ring on 07 4152 8807.  I know he would love a chat and would appreciate the call. The Association wish Kevin all the very best and that we all are thinking of him and his family at this time.

Sick Parade - Kevin Klein 
(12 Jul 2013)

Update: Judy Klein reports that Kevin who was recently taken to hospital and initial diagnosis revealed that Kevin has Emphysema and Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, which the doctor says is caused by smoking.  Judy says Kevin has undergone a number of tests in hospital and is now home recuperating and has a portable oxygen machine to assist him to breath. She says thank you to all the people that called and sent their best wishes. If you wish to contact Judy for more information you can phone her on: 07 4152 8807.  On behalf of the association we wish Kevin a speedy recovery and hope he's well enough to make the trip to Hobart for the reunion.

Sick Parade - Jan Guest 
(17 Jun 2013)

Peter Guest reports that his wife Jan is recovering and feeling much better from her recent operation to remove half of a kidney and and part of an artery. Peter says the operation was successful, but says Jan is still experiencing pain and is day by day able to walk for extended periods. He says he will advise the association of her progress through the website. On behalf of the assocition we wish Jan well.

Sick Parade - Jack Wilson 
(29 April 13)

Jack's wife Corrie has reported that Jack had a nasty fall in the backyard during February and was hospitalised for two months.  He has since been admitted to the Aged Care Residential Centre as a permanent patient.

For those who may wish to contact Corrie by email her address is

Sick Parade - Clive Scragg - (30 Dec 2012)

Update: Clive Scragg reports that he has now completed his course of radiation therapy and will have to wait a couple of months to see if his cancer is stable or not. Clive was dignosed with localised secondary cancer and had to undergo radiation therapy treatment after discharge from hospital. Clive says he's feeling OK and he and Maria are going overseas to the UK in early May to visit his daughter. Clive says if you would like to contact him you can call him on the home phone: 02 9605 2033.  The Association wishes Clive a speedy recovery.

Sick Parade - John Hughes (21 Dec 2012)

Update: John Hughes had his right leg amputated in early September this year. John received the initial injury to his leg on his depature from Darwin in 1969. He says he recently received another injury to the leg recently, which became infected and resulted in having the limb amputated. John contacted me to update his condition and says he's feeling fine and never experienced any pain. He says he and his wife Barbara are now looking for a larger house with wider doors for wheel chair access.

Sick Parade - Dave Newdick (Jnr) (Dec (2012) 

Update: Message fromFacebook indicate Dave has had a successful operation and has recovered . No other news at this time - Editor 
Dave Newdick (Jnr has had 2 massive heart attacks while in Hong Kong. We have been advised that Dave's family are flying to Hong Kong and he is gravely ill. Since leaving the Army bands Dave has earned a reputation as one of the finest and most exciting lead trumpet players in Australia. He is also a great soloist having fronted his own small groups. David was with the "Hey Hey Band" for many years and is very busy in the theatre having just completed “Singing in the rain”. He has also toured South East Asia with the production of “Cats”. David was seen recently performing with James Morrison’s new band “Scream Machine”. ( 

Sick Parade - Mario Vidal (30 Aug 2012)

Mario reports that following his operation recently to repair veins to his heart and having the battery replaced to his pacemaker he says he's holidayed overseas and walking regularly. Mario says he is well on his way to a full recovery. He says he feels great and is even enjoying an ale or three.  Good to hear Mario.

Sick Parade - John (Chuckles) Watts (29 Jun 2012)

Update : Alma reports that John has signed himself out of hospital and is home again. Alma Whitehouse reports that John was in the ICU Ward of the Joondalup Hospital. He had a flu vacine which made him very ill.  Alma will take any messages that anybody would like to send. Email: Peter Cobcroft advised that he was a mate of his serving during his time at Puckapunyal and was a member of 1RAR Band in Vietnam.  

Sick Parade - Roland Toll (Jun 2012)

Early last year Norm Harris reported that Roland Toll (ex 14.5 musician) had suffered a stroke and was in a rehab facility in Kalgoorlie. Classmates and friends of Roland Toll have tried to contact him without success and would like to find out how he is progressing since that report from Norm Harris was published and to pass on our best wishes. If anybody has any information of where Roland is living or has a contact phone number, please contact the Secretary.

Sick Parade - Steve Button (2012)

Just thought we’d send out a quick note to let you know that Steve’s doctor has just rung through with his pathology results.  It has been confirmed that Steve has seminoma. The treatment for seminoma normally requires a surgical and chemotherapy response.  As far as we understand, he has had all of the surgical procedures, but now needs the follow up chemotherapy to rid the body of any further traces of cancer through the lymph system. We don’t know yet what level of chemo or for how long his treatment will be – this sort of detail will be known once he has seen the oncologist some time soon. There’s probably a lot more questions to which we don’t yet have the answers, including what happens for Steve in 2010.  So, the journey continues!  Your support to this point has been fantastic and we have been blessed many times throughout this process. We thank you all and ask that you continue to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers ... we’ll let you know when we have more information to answer all those outstanding questions!

Merrin and Steve

Sick Parade - Kevin Furness

Update - 5 June 2012: This update as to his health today is Kevin reports that his health is now good and says he still has some residual issues related to the surgery and the stroke, however he says his recovery has asounded the Medicos and says he enjoys a reasonable quality of life, even though he will not be returning to the workforce.  If you wish to contact Kevin his mobile number is: 0408 067 288
Kevin Furness who had a burst aorta to his heart in October 2009 and as a result had major surgery at St Vincents hospital.

Sick Parade - Erna Silk (Wife of Jack Silk)

Erna Silk has been admitted to the Mountain View Aged Care Service at Leahy Street, Narrabundah, ACT.  She is in the High Care area as her memory is failing her. Erna is not directly contactable, however if any AABCA members wish to get in touch with Erna, please contact Graeme Silk (son) on (02) 6292 4878 Graeme would be more than happy to pass on any information.