Pictorial History

Army School of Music (ASM)

Defence Force School of Music (DFSM)  

The Band of the First Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR)

The Band of the Third Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR)

The Band of the Fifth Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (5 RAR)

Northern Command Band  

  Eastern Command Band 
Southern Command Band     Central Command Band

Western Command Band 


Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) Band  

Royal Australian Armoured Corps Band 
Royal Australian Artillery Band 

Australian Army Band Singapore 

1st Recruit Training Battalion (1 RTB) Band  

North Queensland Army Band (NQAB) 

Royal Military College (RMC) Band


1st Military District (1MD) Band  

2nd Military District (2MD) Band


3rd Military District (3MD) Band  

4th Military District (4MD) Band    5th Military District (5MD) Band 
6th Military District (6MD) Band    7th Military District (7MD) Band 

Australian Army Band Brisbane (AAB-B)


Australian Army Band Sydney (AAB-S) 

Australian Army Band Kapooka (AAB-K)   

Australian Army Band Melbourne (AAB-M)  

Australian Army Band Adelaide (AAB-A) 


Australian Army Band Perth (AAB-P) 

Australian Army Band Tasmania (AAB-T)   

Australian Army Band Darwin (AAB-D) 

Australian Army Band Newcastle (AAB-N)     

The Royal Tournament (Earls Court)

  Army Tattoo 88


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